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IT support needed? We can help.Are you having the following IT support services / Internet problem?
  • Sluggish computers and/or servers wasting valuable time and productivity.
  • No reliable team of professionals to manage your IT infrastructure.
  • Need to focus on marketing, sales, and increase profit.
  • Need reliable, stable, and secure data backup solutions.
  • IT budget fluctuates too much, no proper planning, always playing catch-up.
  • Need website, Internet speed and customized software to grow your business.

BayArea Systems is a San Francisco Bay Area IT and network support & consulting services company. We provide and support all products and services related to business IT systems: network setup, server admin, web design and hosting, remote access, online backup, cloud computing and desktop support. Contact us at (415) 397-2702 or
  24/7/365 Support Services.
  Industry Certified Engineers.
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  Complete Technology Solutions.
  Help you save Time and Money.
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Company News:

Nov, 2015 : BayArea Systems launched Cloud-based data backup, server and workstation hosting services in Utah data center.
Bay Area Systems' servers in the data center in State of Utah provide peace of mind for the San Francisco Bay Area small business owners. Customers can choose to host virtual servers and virtual workstations in Utah or California data centers, as well as optional clustered hosting solution to have availability in both data centers for optimum backup and high availability.

Aug, 2015 : BayArea Systems' Windows 2012 Migration Solutions
BayArea Systems is providing small business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area assistance with Microsoft's end-of-support for Windows Server 2003; as well as offering Windows Server 2012 upgrade and migration solutions.

May, 2015 : BayArea Systems has partnered with Business Applications Performance Corporation (BAPCo) to provide independent benchmark testing on desktop and mobile platforms.
BayArea Systems is proud to be selected and certified as one of the independent benchmarking labs, and the only laboratory in North America.

Jan, 2015 : BayArea Systems begins providing Virtual Machine testing platform for Microsoft's Windows 10.
Starting February 1st 2015, BayArea Systems will begin a new service providing Virtual Machine testing platform for Microsoft's Windows 10.

Nov, 2014 : Bay Area Systems Launching Business Computer Leasing Solutions on January 1, 2015.
Starting January 1, 2015, BayArea Systems is offering business-class computer workstation leasing solutions, where a fixed monthly fee provides customers with a cutting-edge high performance business workstation options.

Jun, 2014 : Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration Solutions
Starting June 18, 2014 Bay Area Systems will assist Bay Area small businesses with Windows XP to Windows 7 migration solutions

Feb, 2014 : Assistance To Healthcare Providers
Starting March 1, 2014 Bay Area Systems will begin offering assistance to healthcare providers that deal with protected health information

Dec, 2013 : BayArea Systems begin offering Veeam Support
Starting January 1, 2014, BayArea Systems will begin offering Veeam as a backup and replication solution for VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments.

Sept, 2013 : BayArea Systems offers support and installation for security camera systems.

BayArea Systems offers all the services related to security camera system installation, maintenance, and configurations to San Francisco Bay Area small business owners in a simple, one-stop, all-inclusive, and cost effective solution package.

July, 2013 : BayArea Systems begin offering Office365 Support
Starting July 15, 2013, Bay Area Systems will begin offering support for Microsoft Office365.

Apr, 2013 : BayArea Systems begin offering Microsoft Office 2013 Support
Starting May 1, 2013, Bay Area Systems will begin offering support for Microsoft Office 2013 suite of applications.

Feb, 2013 : BayArea Systems' Windows 8 Migration Solutions
BayArea Systems is providing small business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area with the latest Windows 8 upgrade and migration solutions.

Oct, 2012 : November 1, 2012, BayArea Systems Providing Small Businesses with Apple Macintosh Computers Integration Solutions
Beginning November 1, 2012, BayArea Systems is officially providing small business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area with the latest Apple Macintosh computers integration solutions.

July, 2012 : Starting August 1, 2012, BayArea Systems Will Provide Customers with a Complete Online Data Backup Service.
Starting August 1, 2012, BayArea Systems' online data backup service packages will provide customers with a fixed budget, complete coverage, and full service online data backup support. BayArea Systems' online data backup subscription plans offer customers peace of mind; and with a budgeted flat monthly subscription fee, can rest assured that there is a copy of operation-critical data safely stored in a secure, climate controlled, and professionally managed facility.

June, 2012 : Launching June 1st 2012, BayArea Systems will begin a new service providing Virtual Machine testing platform for Microsoft’s Windows 8.
BayArea Systems' Windows 8 testing platform and services aim to provide small businesses testing environment that can be conveniently and quickly set up to provide compatibility testing for software, data, performance. The virtual testing platform offers excellent energy savings, rapid rebuild or restore capabilities, easy management, as well as space and cost saving.

Jan, 2012 : Launching February 1st 2012, BayArea Systems will start providing Green Virtual Server Solutions utilizing Citrix Systems' XenServer.
The solution and services aim to provide small business owners with fast deployment, excellent energy savings (having one server in place of 5 to 10 servers and/or workstations), easy testing, management, as well as cost saving.

Sept, 2011 : Launching Oct 1st 2011, BayArea Systems Launching Gold Technology Club Membership
Gold Membership Benefits:
  1. 24/7/365 access to our support team
  2. Free 50GB of online backup
  3. Discounted club member price on service

June, 2011 : Launching July 1st 2011, BayArea Systems Begins to Provide Integrated Exchange Email Support for iPhones, iPads, and Android-based smart phones.
BayArea Systems' "Integrated Exchange Email Support" solutions provide customers the freedom to have emails, contacts, calendar all delivered automatically, synchronized seamlessly and securely on office workstations, laptops, iPads, iPhones and Android-based smart phones.

May, 2011 : Launching May 1st 2011, BayArea Systems Begins to Provide "BAS Remote Desktop Support" and Offer Rapid Desktop, Laptop and Server Support.
Users can now connect to "BAS Remote Desktop Support" website:, and simply join a designated support session. Afterward, he/she can sit back, relax, and watch our support staff resolve the issue quickly.

Feb, 2011 : Launching March 1st 2011, BayArea Systems Offers New Customers a 30-day Free Trial of Cloud Workstation.
In continued effort to help stimulate the economy and recovery for San Francisco Bay Area small businesses, BayArea Systems offers new customers a 30-day free trial of "Cloud Workstation".

Dec, 2010 : BayArea Systems Launching "Cash for Old Computers" Program
Launching December 2010, "Cash for Old Computers" Program will give new customers up to $500 credit towards new BayArea Systems custom-built workstations and servers, or up to 5 hours of service credit towards a qualified consulting services program

Oct, 2010 : BayArea Systems Launching IT Readiness Plan Include Free Two-hours of Professional IT Support for New Customers
Launching November 2010, BayArea Systems IT Readiness plan include free two-hours of professional IT support for new customers, to be applied to services on servers, networks or workstations for small businesses in need.

Jul, 2010 : BayArea Systems Begins Offering Microsoft Office 2010 Support.
BayArea Systems have been involved in upgrade planning, deployment planning, integration and migration planning, as well as providing actual implementation of installation and training to San Francisco Bay Area small business owners.

Jun, 2010 : BayArea Systems is Now Offering "Work Anywhere" Solutions Provide Customers the Freedom to Work Remotely.
Launching on June 14th, 2010, "Work Anywhere" will provide customers access to workstation(s) utilizing virtual workstation technology from Microsoft, provide a centralized, cost-effective, and familiar work environment and flexibility of computing from virtually anywhere in the world with high-speed Internet connectivity.

Apr, 2010 : BayArea Systems Begins Offering Flat-Rate IT Support Service Solutions.
Starting April 1, 2010, BayArea Systems began offering flat-rate IT support service solutions, where fixed monthly fee services aim to help keep small business IT budgets under control, allowing select customers with virtually unlimited IT support options.

Jan, 2010 : Go Green with BayArea Systems' Micrsoft Windows 2008 Hyper-V virtual server solutions.
BayArea Systems have fully tested and deployed Hyper-V solutions to solve customers’ growing needs of testing new Operating Systems as well as program upgrades. It is much more convenient, and cost-effective, to use a virtual machine to test system integration, software upgrades, patches, and new installations before deploying into the production environment. Call us at (415) 397-2702 now so we can build an Hyper-V solution to help you save time and money.

BayArea Systems, a premier information technology (IT) consulting company in San Francisco Bay Area, is on the forefront of providing cost-effective IT outsourcing solutions for small to medium businesses. BayArea Systems provides complete technology services in serving San Francisco Bay Area's small to mid-size business computing needs. Our industry certified engineers bring a unique blend of experience and expertise to our clients and their projects. From setting up a network, day to day network/server administration, remote network/VPN setup, Internet/network security, and data backup to website design, business software / e-commerce development, website hosting, our goal is to make your business more EFFICIENT & PROFITABLE!

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Let us help your company to reach its maximum potential! We are conveniently located at downtown San Francisco. Call us toll free at (415) 397 2702 or email us to setup your free on-site consultation now.

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