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We are Bay Area’s Premier Technology Consulting Company providing IT services to business in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland and greater Bay Area Since 2001.

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  • Sluggish computers and/or servers wasting valuable time and productivity.
  • No reliable team of professionals to manage your IT infrastructure.
  • Need to focus on marketing, sales, and increase profit.
  • Need reliable, stable, and secure data backup solutions.
  • IT budget fluctuates too much, no proper planning, always playing catch-up.
  • Need website, Internet speed and customized software to grow your business.


Bay Area Systems is a San Francisco Bay Area IT and network support & consulting services company. We provide and support all products and services related to business information system: Network & System Design and Maintenance, Internet/Network Support, System Administration, Virtualization Implementation, Cloud Computing Services, Web Design & Hosting, Email Hosting, VPN Remote Access, Online Backup, Mac and PC Desktop Support. Contact Bay Area Systems now.

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Latest News


Mar 2019 – Supporting Windows Server 2019
Bay Area Systems will begin providing IT support services on the latest Microsoft Server: Windows Server 2019. Through utilization of Microsoft Windows Server 2019’s native Hyper-V virtualization technology

Dec 2018 – Network & Website Vulnerability Security Scan Services
Bay Area Systems will use industry leading tools to help examine and identify network security holes; vulnerable practices and setups that could make your network easy to target and attack by hackers, review firewall, VPN and other setups in your network.

July 2018 – O365 Backup Solution
Is your office 365 data safe? Bay Area Systems, Inc. are launching a new service to provide reverse and second copy data backup for Microsoft Office 365.

Feb 2018 – Spectre and Meltdown Free Analysis Service
Bay Area Systems, Inc. are fully aware of the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, and launched a free on-site analysis service to San Francisco Bay Area small businesses to help analyze potential impact and address concerns of small business owners.

Nov 2017 – Free analysis of IT infrastructure
Bay Area Systems, Inc. are well positioned to offer San Francisco Bay Area small businesses a free analysis of IT infrastructure, data backup planning, and training on how to protect, recognize and prevent malware, virus, and Ransomware.

Sept 2017 – Complimentary Server Environment, Performance and Functions Review
Bay Area Systems is offering select new customers a complimentary server environment, performance and functions review. Bay Area Systems will identify bottlenecks; review functions and separation of functions running on individual server, review CPU, memory, storage usage and thresholds, in order to determine whether the servers are operating in optimum condition.

May 2017 – Disaster Recovery Services
Bay Area Systems’ online disaster recovery server backup subscription plans offer customers peace of mind; and with a budgeted flat monthly subscription fee, can rest assured that there is a copy of operation-critical server image safely stored in a secure, climate controlled, and professionally managed facility.

Feb 2017 – Free On-Site Consultation
Bay Area Systems is offering a free initial on-site consultation to San Francisco Bay Area small businesses planning to install or upgrade WiFi infrastructure within the next six months.

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