Feb 2011 – BayArea Systems Offers New Customers a 30-day Free Trial of Cloud Workstation

In continued effort to help stimulate the economy and recovery for San Francisco Bay Area small businesses, Bay Area Systems created a new program: launching March 1st 2011, Bay Area Systems offers new customers a 30-day free trial of “Cloud Workstation”.

Launching March 1st 2011, Bay Area Systems’ “Cloud Workstation” is part of Bay Area Systems’ Cloud Computing solutions aimed to provide flexible, up-to-date IT solutions for San Francisco Bay Area small businesses. Bay Area Systems’ Cloud Workstation solutions provide customers the freedom to work remotely on any computer (PC or Mac). Once setup, users will be able to access workstation(s) in real time without having physical visit to the office. Cloud Workstation solutions range from select Microsoft Professional Operating Systems (Windows XP, Windows 7), to Microsoft Professional Office software products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access), as well as integrated office email via Microsoft Exchange Server. Cloud Computing provides a centralized, cost-effective, and familiar work environment and flexibility of computing from virtually anywhere in the world with high-speed Internet connectivity.

Benefits for Cloud Workstations include, but not limited to: Cost savings in software (no big upfront license fees); familiar configuration and settings (once connected to the remote workstation from anywhere in the world with a high-speed Internet connection, users will see the familiar workstation desktop with all the software and access to files); security (users’ email, data is safely stored in the data center, where it is protected and backed up; it is unlikely to lose data if laptop is stolen, or when computer crashes); work from anywhere, seamlessly, virtually taking your desktop workstation and all its power with you. Periodic backups make restoring from crashes or virus/malware infections a breeze.

As the Internet is increasingly stable and reliable, and users increasingly mobile; Cloud Workstation solutions prove to be a key component in centralized data storage, application hosting, and cloud computing. Customers can utilize the strength of a dedicated virtual workstation to perform complicated tasks via remote desktop, and it no longer requires them to have an identical system in order to perform the same tasks when they travel.

Bay Area Systems’ Cloud Computing solutions can be implemented via secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide the ultimate security and encryption. Only key strokes and mouse pointer movements are sent via the remote desktop session, instead of transferring files and data, further reducing risk of sensitive data transmission being hacked.

Bay Area Systems have fully tested and deployed Cloud Computing solutions to solve customers’ growing needs of accessing office computing environment from multiple locations, as well as cost saving as they no longer need identical sets of workstations and software to use at each location. Efficient use of more powerful computing environments also ensures a much better performance when the laptop and/or home computer may be of lesser capabilities.

The combination of cutting-edge, professional services of Bay Area Systems and production proven remote desktop solutions provided by Microsoft, as well as Cisco Systems’ VPN/Firewall serves to deliver energy saving, cost-effective, cutting-edge, fast and complete services to Bay Area Systems customers. The free 30-day trial makes adaptation, transition, and migration as smooth as possible.

Feb, 2011 : Launching March 1st 2011, Bay Area Systems Offers New Customers a 30-day Free Trial of Cloud Workstation.