May 2011 – Bay Area Systems Begins to Provide “BAS Remote Desktop Support” and Offer Rapid Desktop, Laptop and Server Support

Bay Area Systems provide “BAS Remote Desktop Support”: launching May 1st 2011, Bay Area Systems will be able to provide rapid server and workstation support solution via the website.

Launching May 1st 2011, Bay Area Systems’ “BAS Remote Desktop Support” is part of Bay Area Systems’ Cloud Computing solutions aimed to provide rapid, secure and cost-effective IT solutions for San Francisco Bay Area small businesses. Bay Area Systems’ “BAS Remote Desktop Support” solutions provide customers the freedom to have unattended support for servers; reducing unnecessary trips to access the servers; conveniently schedule off-site support to perform services during after-hours without having to provide building access, or human supervision. Furthermore, workstations can be serviced upon quickly if connection to the Internet is still functioning; as well as allowing the support professional to see the exact issue user is experiencing without having to wait for problem to reappear. Users will connect to “BAS Remote Desktop Support” website:, and simply join a designated support session through the installation of a small-footprint application; after giving permission to the support professional, user can sit back, relax, and watch our support staff resolve the issue quickly. This service is available to travelling users, and virtually anywhere in the world with high-speed Internet connectivity.

Whether it is an email server connectivity issue, VPN and remote desktop access, system warning messages, virus/spyware attack, Windows security patch application or updates, software updates, or system maintenance, if the computer can establish access to the Internet, Bay Area Systems”e; “BAS Remote Desktop Support” may be the tool to quickly diagnose, identify, and resolve these issues.

Bay Area Systems have fully tested and helped customers resolve many issues effectively and quickly, using “BAS Remote Desktop Support”. Bay Area Systems’; support staff can quickly schedule an online session, and access the client’s computer to see, diagnose, identify and ultimately resolve issues and/or answer questions. With added functionalities such as live instant chat, as well as unattended support, customers can rest assured that their workstations are in good hands. Unattended support session allow the customers’ computers to be worked on for extended period of time, such as virus cleaning and/or application installation and updates. The unattended sessions support sessions can be applied to server maintenance, where after-hour access to server equipment maybe limited.