Jun 2011 – Bay Area Systems Provides Integrated Exchange Email Support for iPhones, iPads, and Android-based smart phones

Small business owners and employees rely on robust information delivery system in order to stay nimble and make quick decisions. An important email needs to reach the receiver wherever he/she is in order for time-critical business decisions to be made.

Starting July 1st 2011, Bay Area Systems’ “Integrated Exchange Email Support Solutions” is part of Bay Area Systems’ Computing solutions aimed to provide an integrated, synchronized, rapid, secure and cost-effective email solution for San Francisco Bay Area small businesses. Bay Area Systems’ “Integrated Exchange Email Support” solutions provide customers the freedom to have emails, contacts, calendar all delivered automatically, synchronized seamlessly and securely on office workstations, laptops, iPads, iPhones and Droid-based smart phones. The use of intelligently setup secure socket layer access utilizes secure certificates to provide added security of synchronizing Microsoft Exchange email accounts with computers and smart phones. Once properly setup, customers no longer need to struggle with the traditional POP3 access where no synchronization is possible, and sent emails are stored locally. With Outlook Anywhere configuration on users’ laptops, your Outlook can look just the same on your PC laptop, office workstation, or Mac OS with Microsoft Outlook. Calendar items, even public folders and calendars, notes, contacts can all be synchronized and virtually all devices, when updated, will have the same information delivered instantly once Internet connectivity is established.

The availability of Bay Area Systems’ “Integrated Exchange Email Support” means customers will no longer need to keep track of multiple “archives” in Outlook, there is no need for searching through multiple copies and/or versions of calendar and contact lists. Travelling customers no longer need to bring the laptop back to the office for synchronization. In addition, actions taken by delegates on calendar, contacts can be automatically synchronized without any additional action on the travelling boss.

Bay Area Systems have fully tested and implemented “Integrated Exchange Email Support” for many happy customers, who now can choose to have access to the entire email, contact and calendar account using the device of their choice. For customers constantly on the move, iPhone and Droid is ideal. For a relaxing off-site work day, iPad and Droid-based tablets provide the same information on a bigger screen. Once connected to the Internet, laptop users will not miss any action in the office by responding to meeting requests, adding new customer contact to public folders, and search/research correspondence. Bay Area Systems’ “Integrated Exchange Email Support” provides ease of use, familiar environment, seamless integration, and time-saving auto-synchronization that can make users more convenient, efficient, and effective use of technology and help them get an edge above competition.