Dec 2015 – Windows 10 Migration Solutions


Starting December 1, 2015, Bay Area Systems is providing small business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area with the latest Windows 10 upgrade and migration solutions.

Microsoft released their latest Windows 10 Operating System and providing non-enterprise license users free upgrade from Windows 7 and Windows 8. BayArea Systems have been actively involved in beta-testing, release candidate testing of this new and advanced Operating System from Microsoft. Windows 10 brings many new features, and much faster and smoother experience for users upgrading from Windows 7, and in general is a much more stable system than Windows 8. BayArea Systems have been at the forefront of testing Windows 10, and is providing expertise, advice, and consultation on upgrades and migration of workstations from previous Windows platform. Read More

Nov 2015 – Utah Data Center Established


Launching November 1st 2015, Bay Area Systems’ servers in the data center in State of Utah provide peace of mind for the San Francisco Bay Area small business owners. Customers can choose to host virtual servers and virtual workstations in Utah or California data centers, as well as optional clustered hosting solution to have availability in both data centers for optimum backup and high availability.

BayArea Systems have fully tested and deployed Veeam backup and replication solutions that produces image-based backups, which allows for fast and efficient virtual machine backup and fast, flexible recovery of an entire virtual machine. This fast and efficient process means virtual machines can now be backed up on a daily basis, allowing for more recovery options and minimize potential data loss. This capability also means backup and replication can now be applied to the entire virtual infrastructure. The Veeam solution, in tandem with multiple data centers, provide optimum backup and availability for small business Cloud computing needs.

Bay Area Systems’ small business clients utilizing BayArea Systems’ virtual server and workstation infrastructure can now subscribe to complete backup and recovery options that offer complete virtual machine recovery possibilities, with options to have backups replicated across multiple data centers.

As the Internet is increasingly fast, stable and reliable, and users increasingly mobile; Cloud-based Server and Workstation solutions prove to be a key component in centralized data storage and application hosting. Customers can utilize the strength of dedicated virtual server and workstations to perform complex tasks via remote desktop, and it allows them to access the same exact desktop across multiple platforms and OS.

BayArea Systems’ Cloud Computing solutions can be implemented via secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide the ultimate security and encryption. Only key strokes and mouse pointer movements are sent via the remote desktop session, instead of transferring files and data, further reducing risk of sensitive data transmission being hacked.

July 2015 – Windows Server 2003 to 2012 Migration


BayArea Systems is providing small business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area assistance with Microsoft’s end-of-support for Windows Server 2003; as well as offering Windows Server 2012 upgrade and migration solutions.

Starting July 14, 2015, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates for any versions of Windows Server 2003. Windows Server 2003 has been running since 2003, and well served the purposed for the past 12 years. As both hardware technology and software capabilities grew tremendously in those 12 years, small business owners can take significant leap forward by upgrading to Windows Server 2012 R2 and utilizing much faster CPU from Intel and AMD, larger memory capacity, solid state drive (SSD) technology, and best of all, virtualization technology native to Windows Server 2012 (Hyper-V) to allow new computing power to help businesses operate much faster and more effectively. Microsoft released Windows Server 2012 Server Operating System in late 2013, and it has been a proven platform with much improved stability and capability. BayArea Systems also have much experience testing Hyper-V and running multiple virtual servers as well as workstations under Windows Server 2012. Bay Area Systems have been at the forefront of testing the latest Windows Operating Systems, and is providing expertise, advice, and consultation on upgrades and migration of workstations from Windows Server 2003.

For small business owners, computers and applications are most often mission critical to the business operation, accounting, and communications needs. Each major upgrade or migration must be carefully and thoroughly planned out, with questions such as whether the existing application will function on the new server operating system, how sharp is the learning curve on the user interface and operation, how to quickly get working with the basic functions, whether the new operating system will integrate with current networking environment and servers, as well as running compatible virtual servers under Hyper-V.

BayArea Systems have fully tested and deployed Windows Server 2012 server solutions to solve customers’ growing needs for new, powerful, advanced computing systems to serve as file server, print server, database server, as well as email server such as Exchange Server 2010 and 2013. BayArea Systems will provide careful and thorough analysis of customer’s current information technology (IT) infrastructure, generate roadmap to migration, and point out potential issues and/or obstacles.

The combination of cutting-edge, professional services of BayArea Systems, along with experience and knowledge of most current as well as previous Windows operating systems, including many versions of the Windows Server operating systems, provide our customers with a powerful tool in keeping office computing infrastructure in top shape, with smooth interaction both inside and outside the office, secure access to critical office data, and ease of transition into the latest and greatest technology, which directly translate into increased productivity, greater efficiency and effectiveness in communicating with colleagues and clients, and provide a positive experience and return on investment.

Microsoft Corporation is a multinational computer technology corporation that developed the Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2012 server operating systems.

May 2015 – BAPCo Benchmark Testing Certification

BayArea Systems has partnered with Business Applications Performance Corporation (BAPCo) to provide independent benchmark testing on desktop and mobile platforms.

BAPCo is a non-profit founded since 1991, comprise of Western Digital, Intel, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, Microsoft, Samsung, Toshiba, etc. that aim to develop and distribute a set of objective performance benchmarks based on popular computer applications and industry standard operating systems. Governments all over the world use BAPCo benchmarks to assist in product purchasing decisions. Since 2004, BAPCo has worked with Governments to produce the best tools in the industry to help make informed purchasing decisions as part of the tender process. The BGN (BAPCo Government Network) brings together this collaborative effort and expertise in one unified program.

BayArea Systems is proud to be selected and certified as one of the independent benchmarking labs, and the only laboratory in North America. BayArea Systems can provide benchmark testing on SYSmark 2012, SYSmark 2014, MobileMark 2012 as well as MobileMark 2014. Benchmark testing options include rapid result posting within seven days of receiving the product to be tested. BayArea Systems will independently set up the test environment and condition on devices to be tested, install benchmark testing tool and the corresponding testing suite to provide to proper testing iterations, as well as standardized environment for mobile devices battery drain tests on MobileMark. Desktop systems are tested on SYSmark, and results are available within one week on expedited services.

The testing suites from BAPCo use real world applications to provide a more realistic view of performance on devices, unlike synthetic benchmarks which only focus on limited aspects of a system. BAPCo aim to foster the creation of meaningful benchmarks in an applications environment. BAPCo benchmarks are based on software packages commonly found in retail computer software stores. Using benchmarks based on business applications allow users to conduct evaluations of systems handling real world workloads and environments. The resulting test results provide meaningful and relevant data for evaluating systems and performances.

For almost a decade, BayArea Systems has provided cost-effective computer systems and network support and services to small businesses all around the San Francisco Bay Area. BayArea Systems has become a pioneer in providing custom technology solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and improve bottom line of small businesses. BayArea Systems’ business model is based on their passion to provide the best customer service experience in the industry, and building long-term business relationship with their customers.

Jan 2015 – Virtual Testing Platform for Windows 10


Starting February 1st 2015, BayArea Systems will begin a new service providing Virtual Machine testing platform for Microsoft’s Windows 10. The solution and services aim to provide small businesses testing environment that can be conveniently and quickly set up to provide compatibility testing for software, data, performance. The virtual testing platform offers excellent energy savings, rapid rebuild or restore capabilities, easy , management, as well as space and cost saving.

Microsoft released beta version of Windows 10 in late 2014, and it brings many new features such as support of virtual desktops, improved command prompt, improved Aero Snap feature, integration of holographic representations with the companion HoloLens glasses and Windows 10’s HoloStudio app, (users can now create 3-D objects with their voices and gestures and then print them on a 3-D printer), new 3-finger gestures, selective synchronization of local contents with OneDrive, “Task View” and “Search” buttons on Taskbar can now be hidden, the ability to run Windows Store apps in desktop mode, new options added to Settings, plus a new search bar, availability of the classic Control Panel in Settings, along with a new web browser. Altogether nearly 7,000 improvements and fixes.

Windows 10 is designed to work equally well with tablets as well as with traditional desktops with keyboard and mouse, supporting hardware from tablets, netbooks, laptops, desktops, and even home entertainment center. Although the final version of Windows 10 is still months away, having a platform for testing will allow companies to try out new features, as well as test existing application integration.

Bay Area Systems’ Virtual Machine Testing Platform solutions can be implemented via secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) to provide the ultimate security and encryption. Only key strokes and mouse pointer movements are sent via the remote desktop session, instead of transferring files and data, further reducing risk of sensitive data transmission being hacked.

Bay Area Systems have fully tested and deployed many Hyper-V Virtual Machine solutions to solve customers’ growing needs of accessing office computing environment from multiple locations, as well as cost saving as they no longer need identical sets of workstations and software to use at each location. Efficient use of more powerful computing environments also ensures a much better performance, lower cost of ownership, and higher return on investment.