Feb 2017 – Free On-site Consultation


WiFi is increasingly dominating both work and home offices as the preferred Internet access method, that makes WiFi router and access points even more important as they are required to handle multiple devices, bandwidth, and communication needs. From desktop computer, laptop, TV, smart phones, tablets, the number of WiFi accessing devices per user and the total number of users will quickly add up and present a challenge for older WiFi routers and/or access points.

Bay Area Systems, Inc. are well positioned to offer San Francisco Bay Area small businesses a thorough, carefully planned, and seamlessly executed WiFi infrastructure overhaul that can minimize downtime, and make the office WiFi environment fast, efficient, cost effective and convenient. Bay Area Systems, starting February 1st 2017, is offering a free initial on-site consultation to San Francisco Bay Area small businesses planning to install or upgrade WiFi infrastructure within the next six months.

The free, up to two-hour on-site consultation (a $500 value) will offer understanding and insight to the existing WiFi infrastructure, bring up questions and potential issues with current office space, WiFi access point locations, and adequate number of supporting devices; and offer potential upgrade solutions to address weak signal zone(s), speed and protocol to handle network traffic priority. From cost-effective yet speedy ISP selection, to cabling requirement, proper number of access points to cover the entire office floorplan, as well as power and network cable requirements, to setting up strong security protocol, password, and separate guest networks, Bay Area Systems, Inc.’s solutions, expertise and willingness to operate during weekends and/or public holidays, could drastically reduce office productivity downtime during work days.

A properly set up office WiFi network should allow seamless access to internal office network (if desired), with no dead zone, using a single SSID and pass phrase, and properly routing network traffic based on business needs and priority.

Bay Area Systems, Inc. have provided cost-effective computer systems and network support and services to small businesses all around the San Francisco Bay Area for over a decade. Bay Area Systems, Inc. have become a pioneer in providing customized technology solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and improve bottom line of small businesses. Bay Area Systems’ business model is based on their passion to provide the best customer service experience in the industry, and building long-term business relationship with their customers.