May 2017 – Disaster Recovery Services


There is increasing demands in small to medium businesses for reliable, efficient, cost-effective and quality online backup services.  The technology, demand, and needs have grown beyond pure data backup, to include accessing the backed up data in a timely fashion.  A database backup file is useless without the correct database server, and related and appropriate server application to read and access the content within. Today’s Virtual Machine (VM) environment means more servers are residing on a physical server, and more individual servers are being used to handle specific applications and tasks that are integral to a company’s operational environment.  Bay Area Systems, with more than 15 years of Information Technology services experience, aim to provide high quality and cost-effective solutions to our customers with innovative service support plans:  Bay Area Systems has pioneered a cost-effective solution to provide customers with adaptive, effective and affordable disaster recovery solution.  Starting May 1, 2017, Bay Area Systems’ virtual server backup service packages will provide customers with a fixed budget, complete coverage, and full service online virtual server backup support.  Bay Area Systems’ online disaster recovery server backup subscription plans offer customers peace of mind; and with a budgeted flat monthly subscription fee, can rest assured that there is a copy of operation-critical server image safely stored in a secure, climate controlled, and professionally managed facility.  Furthermore, Bay Area Systems will provide virtual workstations set up to access the virtual server in the event of a local disaster that renders the physical server non-operational for a prolonged period.

Launching on May 1st, 2017, virtual machines (virtual servers and workstations in Microsoft’s Hyper-V environment) can be replicated in a Bay Area Systems data center with desired frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) and serve as emergency disaster recovery option.  Virtual workstation would provide access to critical company data that is stored in database, on application server, etc. as soon as the disaster recovery option is activated.  The DR activation can happen within hours should the local IT infrastructure suffered irreversible/irreparable damage, and BAS staff will provide assistance in accessing the critical company data via secured VPN and/or workstations via remote desktop.  DR can even keep operating until the local environment is secured and stabilized, a “reverse” DR is performed to bring the entire IT infrastructure back to the customer’s local IT room/building/server in a similar but reversed backup and activation service.

Data is at the center of business. Data contains information such as customer database, employee information, marketing material, business process and procedures, production, inventory and supplies.  Just about any information about your business can be data stored in some form of electronic media.  Backing up critical business data online is a way of protecting the business against theft, vandals, hacking, and virus infection in the office network and/or server that could result in data loss. In addition, data loss can happen in a number of different ways, including 1) physical component failure due to power outage or aging hardware, 2) human error or deliberate sabotage, 3) computer virus, 4) environmental disasters such as fire, flooding, hurricane, etc.  The scale of data loss can vary, but all instances will impact negatively on the business operation. Bay Area Systems ‘ DR services not only backup and protect customers’ data, it also replicate the virtual servers environment and setup to access data.  Data securely saved inside a document management system (DMS) is only useful if the DMS server software is intact for the user to access/search/retrieve mission critical documents/emails.