Sept 2017 – Complimentary Server Environment, Performance and Functions Review


Bay Area Systems is providing yet another crucial service package helping to keep small business IT environment running in top form and like a well-oiled engine. Starting September 1, 2017, Bay Area Systems is offering select new customers a complimentary server environment, performance and functions review. Bay Area Systems will identify bottlenecks; review functions and separation of functions running on individual server, review CPU, memory, storage usage and thresholds, in order to determine whether the servers are operating in optimum condition. Aiming to provide the entire business with the most efficient IT operation environment, condition for business expansion, as well as checking the backup, replication and disaster recovery setup and solutions.

Small business typically has IT environment that is essential to keeping the business running efficiently and profitably. The Information Technology environment typically started on something simple, and expanded over the years as the business grew, resulted in many “duct-tape” or “Velcro” solutions. Without a proper infrastructure, the IT environment very likely would not handle expansion of the business; neither would it integrate with modern technology. From data encryption standards, smart phones, tablets, new laptops, new and more powerful versions of software, to modern operating systems for PC, Mac, online browsers, local on-site backups, online backups, virtual server environment, etc. Each of these require careful planning, thorough architecture and design of the IT environment in order to operate seamlessly. Such setup is also crucial in minimizing data loss, disruption of business operation by virus or ransomware, and work efficiency of the entire company. In the news were hospitals putting off years of IT infrastructure review and upgrade, and they were still feeling the negative effect months after they were hit by ransomware attacks. Small businesses typically do not have the architecture and setups of a hospital, thus making recovery effort even more difficult, and sometimes impossible.

Adequate infrastructure, backup, and disaster recovery is also part of compliance for HIPAA and/or HITECH, where a small business might be required to be compliant when contracted with customers in the law, healthcare industry, government agencies. Adequate security, both in terms of physical and electronic access of the server(s) and server environment, should be thoroughly reviewed to adhere to company policies and protocols and be certified for compliance.

Given today’s Internet connectivity options, speed, and virtualization technology, having proper on-site and off-site data backup and disaster recovery setup is within small business budgets. All it needed is a proper review and potentially re-design of the IT infrastructure to accommodate the proper setup to ensure business operation and business continuity. Bay Area Systems have helped many small businesses implement a clean, straightforward, efficient and cost effective IT and server environment to take advantage of all the modern as well as required backup, replication, and disaster recovery solutions available.