July 2018 – O365 Backup Solution

Office 365 Backup Plan

Is your office 365 data safe?

Microsoft Office 365 has been increasing popular amount small businesses as a one-stop solution for handling small businesses email, file, storage, and collaboration needs. However, when everything is in the cloud, but the office Internet line is out of service, and you have a deadline to send out documents, meet a court date, or documentation requirement where you simply need to print out the document, sign it and mail it, what are your options?

Bay Area Systems, Inc. are fully aware of and anticipating the needs for small business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we are launching a new service to provide reverse and second copy data backup for Microsoft Office 365.

A second copy/backup allows easy recovery of all your files stored on OneDrive. Given a larger local storage size, you can set up retention and recovery capabilities not enough with your Office 365 subscription. Local copy can also help you recover files due to accidental overwrite, deletion. The automated daily synchronization means minimum effort in ensuring a valid and complete backup of both emails and files from Office 365. Added benefits include keeping inactive Office 365 accounts data without needing to keep paying the license fee in order to access them.

Accidental data deletion happens often, it is worse if the deletion action is deliberate and intentional. According to IT Compliance Policy Group, 32% of companies will experience a data loss event. Therefore, without a cloud backup solution for Office 365, business owners are missing an important data protection feature that complements Office 365.

Can you prevent your data/files from leaving the company when your employees leave? Can you protect your organization from Internet/app outages, misconfigured workflows, and/or ransomware attacks?

Bay Area Systems’ experience in helping clients understand, upgrade, design and improve their existing IT infrastructure has helped many San Francisco Bay Area small businesses stay operational during stressful times. An operational small business means an operational accounts receivable, minimum downtime for accounts receivable means maximized operational funding and bottom line for small businesses. As a small business, Bay Area Systems understands the needs and operational principle of small business owners, and offer our expertise and experience in making smooth IT operations 24/7/365.

Bay Area Systems, Inc. have provided cost-effective computer systems and network support and services to small businesses all around the San Francisco Bay Area for over twelve years. Bay Area Systems, Inc. have become a pioneer in providing customized technology solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and improve bottom line of small businesses. Bay Area Systems’ business model is based on their passion to provide the best customer service experience in the industry, and building long-term business relationship with their customers.