March 2019 – Supporting Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019

Starting March 1, 2019, Bay Area Systems will begin providing IT support services on the latest Microsoft Server: Windows Server 2019. Through utilization of Microsoft Windows Server 2019’s native Hyper-V virtualization technology, Bay Area Systems helped deployed web server farms, clustered database servers, remote desktop workstations, and cloud computing platforms. When businesses need Virtual Private Network (VPN) access and remote desktop services; rather than adding individual workstations to be used for remote office desktop connection needs, virtual workstations offer the same experience with greater efficiency. Clients praise our virtual machine solutions that are space saving (often one server can serve the needs of 10 – 30 servers and/or workstations, reducing the need to have these physical machines scattered around in the office); energy saving in terms of electricity needs as well as cooling requirements; easy deployment – adding a server or workstation is much faster than having to order an additional machine, and often may not be of the same exact specification; fast recovery – by utilizing the cloning feature, essential virtual machines can be cloned and quickly replaced should a catastrophic software error occurred.
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May 2017 – Disaster Recovery Services


There is increasing demands in small to medium businesses for reliable, efficient, cost-effective and quality online backup services.  The technology, demand, and needs have grown beyond pure data backup, to include accessing the backed up data in a timely fashion.  A database backup file is useless without the correct database server, and related and appropriate server application to read and access the content within. Read More